Ink review - J. Herbin Bleu Myosotis

This might be hard to believe for some of the newer blog readers, but I used to be a pretty prolific ink reviewer.  I am working on getting back up to some sort of reasonable speed, so hopefully you'll be seeing a higher frequency of ink reviews to come...

This ink came in the form of a cartridge that I purchased in a large group of single cartridges and samples from a member on FPN.  The collection was mostly blues and I had written off quite a few of them simply because I am not a lover of blue inks unless they have some sort of other interesting quality, but after seeing this one I am thinking I should reevaluate my position and try out some more of them.

Bleu Myosotis, or "Forget-Me-Not Blue" is not really a pure blue ink, but more of a dusty indigo.  I find that most of the J. Herbin inks I try are not super saturated, which usually lends them to some pretty spectacular shading.  That was not so much the case here, though I think that shading was lacking because the flow was sooooo generous in my pen.  J. Herbin inks tend to be pretty free flowing anyway and I had just disassembled my ink testing pen for cleaning prior to loading it up, so I think that perhaps my nib and feed were not quite seated correctly.

I assure you that I did actually drip water on the scribbles to the left, but it is not super noticeable.  I would put this ink up there with Poussiere de Lune as being water resistant enough to not worry too much about my writing being destroyed by errant raindrops, but not waterproof enough that I would address an envelop with it.

Overall I think this is a solid performer, though I'm not all that interested in getting a full bottle anytime soon.  I would, however, pick up a pack of more cartridges, since I think it would be a good ink to use in my Kaweco Al-Sport, that is if I ever get it back from my older brother.  (I kid - he is in Rome for the summer and is borrowing the pen so that he can have a reliable writer that will fit in his pocket.  I have no doubt it will come back and be better for the journey.)

Has anyone else tried this ink?  How do you like it?  I know that my writing looks a lot darker than other reviews I've seen, so take the examples above with a grain of salt.