Check This Out! Part 1

As you can probably tell, I'm not really the type to do link compilation posts.  I love these types of posts, but I think that there are a lot of other bloggers out there that do them so mine would be a bit redundant.  But, I would like to start making note of exceptionally well done posts that I think are worth a look, if you aren't following the blog already.  Most of the time these will be pen/pencil/stationery related posts, but who knows what I might dig up?

Let's start this off with a really well-done piece from my friend Paul, who is a frequent enabler of my ink loving ways.  He compiled a comparison of seven pens that use the Pilot "Super Quality" nib and feed, as well as talking a bit about that nib and feed system.  If you are getting sick of my pencil reviews, this should help you get your fountain pen fix.

The pens in question (his picture, obviously)

The pens in question (his picture, obviously)

While Pilot has a wonderful line of gold nibbed fountain pens and some disposable and fibre feed fountain pens at exceptionally low price points, the bulk of people purchasing a Pilot fountain pen for the first time will take home one of their steel nibbed offerings. The steel nibbed pens shown above all share the same feed and their nibs are interchangeable from model to model. Users of these pens are greeted with a wide variety of nib sizes and pen bodies that range from conservative to ultra funky.

Seriously, this is some great reference material for anyone who likes Pilot pens (I do!) and totally worth a look.  I know it has taken Paul a non-negligible amount of time to procure all of these pens, so I think it's worth reading for that alone, if I haven't already convinced you.  Check it out here and don't hesitate to read some of his other posts as well.  It's good stuff.  :-)