A wee bit more of a break

Howdy!  I'm sorry to say that we still do not have internet at our apartment and won't be getting it fixed until next Wednesday...  I know, the worst.  While I can certainly go other places to get internet (Starbucks, campus, the library), the fact that my printer is wireless and that's what I use for scanning also presents a problem.  And it's a huge hassle trying to write a post without internet at home, then go somewhere and get it uploaded. 

Anyway, that was a lot of excuses for why I haven't been posting, and I won't be for at least another week.  Don't worry, I'll be sure to take lots of pictures at the DC pen show this weekend and hopefully I'll be able to upload some at the hotel if we have wifi there.  Also, I've sort of declared "blog backlog bankruptcy" - aka, I have fallen seriously behind on the blogs that I normally follow and I don't think I will have any hope of catching back up, so I apologize for that. This is pretty much the worst time for this to be happening with the pen show coming up, but that's how life goes sometimes.  

On the other hand, I'm super stoked for the pen show this weekend and I hope to meet some other bloggers in real life there (I know I'll for sure finally get to meet my friend Paul), so if you are there and you see me, say hi!  Wesley and I are heading up on Friday morning and then we will be at the show on Saturday during the day, so my time there will be much shorter than a lot of other people but it's the best we can do right now.  Turns out, one of us being unemployed and the other being a graduate student means no long, expensive vacations.  Who would have thought?  :-)